A very simple process to assemble that can be achieved easily in 3 hours by 3 persons.

Then if you want to install it yourself between 2 or 3 trees You will have to check :
- That the trees are in good health and they belong to a sturdy tree species
- With a min.diameter trunk of 20 cm
- You need a distance of 5 meters minimum in between them as the Cocoon Tree diameter is of 3m.

logo cocoon tree small

There are 6 anchor points of suspension that has to be used to safetly suspend the Cocoon Tree around the trunk of each tree by a rope and 6 anchor points for the lateral stability.

The ropes used should have a minimum breaking strength of 3Tons. Polyamid rope with 8-stand ropes reinforcement 12mm diameter.


You can entrust the installation to our qualified installation team: trained mountaineers or boatsmen with valuable & practical experience of ropes and knots…

You’ll be safe and perfectly set in your Cocoon Tree. Twice a year, simply check the vertical links and lateral node connections, the trampoline and nets.


You can also mount your Cocoon Tree yourself, in which case you will find all the necessary instructions and installation guidance on the DVD included with your shipment.